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He killed his best friend,

so he says.

He needs to confront the guy’s wife,

so he believes.

He remains homeless, on the lam,

so he runs.

His street name is Chili …

And he lives in his own world, invisible to most.    On a hopscotch path throughout the south, voices in his head constantly distract him, confuse him, control him in an up and down search for the wife of the man he killed. Afflicted by a disorder that fears nothing, he fears everything, even life. Living in a different world, haunted by dreams of the death itself, Chili embraces the life of the homeless, moving from shelter to shelter, offering a hand up to those he meets, unable to help even himself. The truth behind his story remains uncertain, even to Chili.

He needs to find the answer before

the law finds him.    

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