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Life in and around the Lowcountry voices a special spirit of southern literature. In each of the author’s works, he has touched on that spirit with characters who come alive to present exceptional stories of intrigue, mystery, local lore, moral dilemmas some of which touch on the history of the area.        

The Secret of the Gullah Treasure

Jackie Robinson Eddings entered a new world as the first Negro student to walk the halls of Beaufort Junior High. Thrown into a project with the red-neck class bully and a special-needs classmate, racial prejudices and societal biases take their toll as they research the legend of the Gullah treasure. A fluke unearths a private letter—a strange collection of symbols, letters and numbers—signed by Edgar Allan Poe that ties his “Annabel Lee” to the team’s project and propels them into deeper discoveries that threaten their lives.

Amid flashing twists of interred history, ghostly folklore and cryptic ciphers, The Secret of the Gullah Treasure weaves a veil of secrecy around a legend hidden within the fabric of the once enslaved Gullah people.
Haint Blue


With every win...
When Kip Drummond rescues a rundown oyster factory he is squeezed between a trio of predators from Philadelphia and the restless Gullah workers desperate to preserve a livelihood that had sustained them for decades.
There comes a hidden loss...
His situation turns grave when a tarot reader threatens a hex and unveils a secret Drummond had fought desperately to conceal.
​Filled with century old strife, passion, grisly violence, LIARS tales and local legends, Haint Blue lures the reader into the pluff mud of the South Carolina marshes in a compelling story of guilt, forgiveness and hope.
Flagrant Three

Four days before the Final Four, superstar Malik Farqu’har is missing, believed kidnapped from his Cinderella, small college in rural South Carolina. While Tucker McGill spearheads the search to find him, a series of mysterious messages jeopardize and expose the president of the college, the NCAA and the television sports media that send frenzied fans around the country in the streets. Surrounded by FBI agents, the Atlanta Police, county deputies, and liars that have him doubting his own instincts, McGill confronts them all as he unravels the motives of a mastermind with a secret past and exposes an incredible plot that has the search team hunting their own.  Flagrant Three is a mystery thriller that pulls the madness of March across the foul line.
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